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Making Wine

The Roots

My name is Kevin Chung. Long story short, I'm a washed-up collegiate athlete that said bye to the bureaucratic corporate world to make what was a hobby of mine, wine, into my career, life, and love. In speaking to me and perusing my posts, I hope you can feel the passion and ambition I have for this world. Within 5 years of entering the wine world with no experience, I have already placed top scores for my Sommelier exam, worked as a Somm for a Michelin-ranked restaurant group in DC, and most recently, was a manager at prestigious VA vineyard in the heart of DC wine country. These achievements have all been stepping stones to help me achieve what I hope will be my ultimate reality. That is to pass on my knowledge to you all. I love showing others the world of wine beyond what's in your glass on any given evening (or judgement here). There is so much more to wine than most realize, so if you're interested, please feel free to subscribe and/or reach out!

How It Works? 

I work with private clients as a Concierge Sommelier. Depending on which retainer package they subscribe to; services range from private tastings, palate analysis, cellar management, all the way to wine procurement. I have a strict policy on the number of clients I take on as I value the quality of my services that I provide over having more clients. If you are interested, please check out the plans I offer and feel free to contact me with any questions. 

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