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Eat, drink, and be merry

As our societies continue to push forward discovering new technologies and innovations, we can't help, in the same breath, to look back at what has come before us. We've brought so many artifacts with us through time, developing them to fit the modern world. One example: wine. But the truth of the matter is, we STILL don't know everything about wine. And when I ask myself if I will ever know everything there is about wine? The honest truth is no. But I’m okay with that. The journey is what excites me. It was the same allure that found me leaving the corporate world and wandering into the world of wine. This past September marked my one year anniversary into the world of wine. I’ve met friends and mentors that I am genuinely blessed to have in my life. With their guidance and hours of study, I received the top score at my introductory exam into the Court of Master Sommeliers and am prepping to do the same at my Certified. In hindsight, I remember the stress of the unknown. What questions are they going to ask? How should I study? How specific will they be? Could I just go, sit through the two day lecture and pass, or do I need to prepare? While many forums, namely GuildSomm, helped me prepare. I struggled to stick on a consistent study plan. At times this can be a lonely journey. What helped was I had friends and colleagues who took time out of their week to sit down and help me study. They would quiz me at work, send mock questions via text, or help me organize study guides. Yes, Google, Guildsomm, and essentially the entire internet is at our fingertips these days, but, support and self-discipline is what I credit to my success. Am I successful already in the world of wine? Heavens no, not even close. It would be naïve of me to believe that. But have I started off well? I’d think so. I received the top score at my Intro Exam, work at one of the top wineries in VA, and was invited to train as an Apprentice Sommelier under a Michelin-rated powerhouse restaurant group in DC. All within a year. Will my luck continue? I think luck always has a play in success, but more importantly, your preparation and grit is how you capitalize on these so-called “lucky” opportunities. Every mentor of mine has said the same thing to me in one form or another, “stay humble, work hard, find your passion.” Well, I’ve found that passion in the world of wine. Now, I’d love to share it with you. Cheers.

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