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Why "Wine Professor?"

It’s 2018…wow.. here we go. I’ve decided to focus exclusively on the Wine Professor. New year, new me, new wine right? Right off the bat, I want to make it clear that my goal here is to educate those interested in wine. We live in such a fascinating time for wine; I would even go as far as calling this a “Golden Age” for wine. Think about it, when our parents were growing up, finding good wine was a luxury, a hobby for the wealthy, and wine from other parts of the world were hard to find. Fast forward to 2018, anyone can go to the local wine shop, grocery store, even gas station and find quality wine from all over the world. Modern winemaking techniques are the most advanced they’ve ever been, leaps and bounds past what we were learning a century ago. Winemakers in the New World have the freedom to experiment with essentially an empty canvas in front of them. All of the above and more drives me to learn more and more about the world of wine.Already, many of you have asked…”why Wine Professor? You couldn’t find a better less pretentious name?”

Well, it depends on how you look at it. One of my biggest pet peeves is the air of pretentiousness that surrounds the world of wine, a stigma carried on from the past. I don’t want to be “The Professor;” I want this process to teach me and in turn vicariously pass along all I learn to my readers.Our parents had Robert Parker, Janis Robinson, and James Suckling to name a few prestigious wine critics. While they are my idols, and I’ve learned so much from them, they aren't familiar with how we, the Millennials, grew up. Their world and ours are vastly different. And based on current wine trends, our generation is single-handily setting record wine consumption and our spending habits dictate the wine trends across the world!

Therefore, with so much information to comb through in this ever-evolving wine world, I want The Wine Professor to be the medium for our generation to find sound wine advice. How many times have you walked into a wine store, restaurant, or tasting room and were presented with wine scores, facts about viticulture/vinification (i.e. soil types, oak usage, etc), and other trivial facts. That's great and all, but you don't gain a true understanding of why all these facts brings about the amazing glass of wine that sits in front of you. The Wine Professor teaches the "why." Why does this beautiful red wine go with seafood? How come this wine tastes a certain way when put in brand new French Oak barrels?If you'd like to learn more about a certain topic - please reach out, I'd be happy to cater my content toward you all. Till next time, cheers!

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