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Underrated Wine You Should Look For! (Part One)

I am going to go as far as calling present day the "golden age" of wine. At least from a consumer's perspective. We can go to a local wine shop and easily find wines from all over the world. With so many options, it begs the question...which wine is worth it?

Can I find a wine that tastes as if it were a $200 bottle of wine without the price tag? I decided to reach out to my network of wine professionals and ask them which wine(s) and region(s) of the world is the most underrated right now? We all love an underdog story. Here is what they said:

Sicily, Italy

"It's historically been a bulk wine producing area supplying blending wine for Northern Italy (and other parts of Europe), but producers are working to distinguish themselves - particularly those on Mt. Etna. A producer to try would be Terra Costantino."

Mel Graeff - dipWSET & Banville Wine Merchants Assistant Sales Manager

Instagram: @vintagemel30


Bierzo, Spain

"Most everyone knows Rioja & Priorat but very few venture outside of those two with Spanish reds. Bierzo is one of the only areas that is known for red wines in Spain that doesn't have a very warm/hot climate so the grapes thrive and spend a longer time (on the vine) building acidity and structure. A superstar Bierzo would only cost about $100 in retail while the equivalent from Rioja, Ribeira del Duero, or Priorat would cost 3 to 5x more. Mecia is the grape and wine to look for!"

Will Moriarity - Sommelier at Del Mar, DC. Advanced Somm Candidate & WSET Diploma Candidate

Instagram: @sommsolutions


Cremant Sparkling Wines from France

With the high demand of champagne and lack of inventory. Many producers are making more cremant* bottlings. With modern technology and better experience, the quality of cremant is considerably better than it's predecessors. It's a wonderful alternative to Champagne."

*Cremant is a French term for traditional-method sparkling wines made outside Champagne*

Cesar Varela, CSW: Co-Owner of Donahue Lounge, Georgetown

Instagram: @goodwinehabits & @donahue_lounge


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